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I love Dr. Dawkins' facial expressions throughout. They speak volumes. :-)

Not that I think O'Reilly has put actual thought into most of what he said, but I do wonder how he would explain the difference between "presenting" ID/Creationism in the classroom vs. "turning" to it as he repeatedly asserted.

Also, how is he going to split hairs to say don't bother presenting on Adam&Eve, but do "present" the concept of ID? It sounds like he's just unwilling to let go of the beliefs he was raised with, even though he knows at least some of it is "theology," a.k.a. myths and stories.

Perhaps the reason O'Reilly clings so steadfastly to Christianity is because of his personal insecurities. The promise of unconditional love must be pretty potent for a person who is so adept at erecting barriers between themselves and their fellow humans and pushing them away (so it seems from his TV persona, anyway). Poor thing, he just needs a time-out, a hug, and some consciousness-raising.

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