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It was more than obvious to me that O'Reilly hadn't even opened Dawkins' book. He didn't ask anything about it! Rather than show even a single example of evidence for evolution covered in TGSOE, O'Reilly instead displayed an array of pictures of Jesus, for crying out loud! This was NOT an interview about Dawkins' book: O'Reilly simply wanted to repeat for all his devout viewers that he chooses to "go with Jesus."

What galls me the most is that O'Reilly's program is supposed to be a "no spin zone," yet religion is the most notorious example of "spin." How the "no spin master" O'Reilly can keep a straight face while asserting a belief in something for which there is not ONE iota of evidence is beyond me.

What a crock of caca. I have lost all respect for him.

Sat, 10 Oct 2009 15:27:00 UTC | #404650