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Nuclide, thanks again for the reply.

but I'm not sure that just because it 'walks like a duck, talks like a duck' means that we should label it as a duck. Middle-sized organisms that move well through water are going to be streamlined and that means generally fish-shaped

But that's exactly my point. When talking about evolution, I use the word fish to refer to all descendents of fish, no matter how much they have changed. I don't really see why you would draw a line around fish and exclude amphibians who are after all just heavily modified fish. However, it works the other way round. So by my way of thinking (warped as it may be), all amphibians are fish, but not all fish are amphibians. Also, all humans are apes who are monkeys who are primates who are mammals who are reptiles who are amphibians who are jawed fish who are jawless fish who are mollusks, who are sponges who are colonies of single-celled organisms who are bits of DNA — or something roughly like that. I guess you can tell that I just read The Ancestor's Tale. :-)

Anyway, that is precisely why it's not classifying organisms by what they look like, but by their (genetic) relation. And isn't that what phylogeny is?

By the way, this is hardly relating to the article at all. In fact I really like it. Sometimes I have to remind myself that not every single word written by somebody not revered on this website seeks to disprove common descent. Only recently I have watched a really well-made and fascinating TV programme about the many commonalities among great apes, including humans. Even though I enjoyed learning about some of the things that I really hadn't known before, I was very eager to jump on the editors for not stressing the fact that humans indeed are apes consistently enough; but that was very unfair of me. They were obviously not working from the presupposition that we were created seperately and large part of the programme even dealt with DNA comparison.

So yeah, you can get a bit caught up in the business of proving evolution, and lose sight of the fact that most people already accept it (at least in Germany).

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