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"The hypothesis of psychopaths taking over should be fairly easy to test. They either have more children than normal people or they do not. Having "money" to be more appealing doesn't mean anything for evolution unless they actually out-breed us."


One of the points being made I think is that they wouldn't necessarily have to outbreed us to 'take over' - rather that, even as a relatively static component of the genepool (in such a deterministic paradigm), they may be better equipped to attain either power, or death row! (survival of the fittest)

Of course the other way of looking at things is that Capitalism and other power structures are unfortunately warped to benefit the inherent efficiencies bound up in psycopathology's clear conscience.

I'm certainly intrigued to read the books by Hare (and others on the 'amazon also recommends' page for snakes in motherfucking suits)

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