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Why is everyone so extreme. At one of the spectrum you have people like Bill Maher and at the other end of the spectrum are people like on this site.

I do realize that there are vaccines that are critical for us to take and it would be ridiculous, even immoral, to not take them as well as having your kids not get them.

On the other hand I see robust healthy people getting yearly flu shots which probably makes them feel sick more often than if they actually came down with something.

The pharm industry is a mess. You have companies that do genuine research with real concern for people, and then you have companies that fit Bill's conspiracy theory perfectly. Tack on the sewer sludge that is the medical insurance industry and it becomes difficult to believe that the medical industry is looking out for your best interest. And I don't see how vaccines are immune from whatever corruption goes on.

Maybe Bill's stance is a bit too much, but it certainly does keep us on our toes. I think Shermer would have a better case to win Bill over if he at concedes that not all vaccines have benefits that outweigh the risks. I don't think there is a "grand conspiracy theory" going on but I do think companies are greedy enough that it'd be silly to think they aren't going to abuse the "miracle pill" mentality that the lazy unhealthy burger-quaffing masses are clamoring for which the free market will provide.

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