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I think Shermer would have a better case to win Bill over if he at least concedes that not all vaccines have benefits that outweigh the risks.
My, there's a fair amount of toopid at the clear thinking oasis today.

The speaker above is obviously ignorant of vaccine science. No shame in that. I'm ignorant of most things. However, advocacy from ignorance is shameful, particularly when lives are at stake.

This commenter apparently feels that Maher might be too hurt if bluntly told that vaccines are a good thing. So we ought to cajole Maher with something like, "Most vaccines is gud. But I admit you do got a point regarding a coupla dem that ain't so gud an iz just der to make profits for de fat cats."

I wonder, which vaccines should we throw under the bus for the sake of our good buddy Maher's precious ego? Hib? Hepatitis B? Polio? Measles? Swine flu?

Here's a plan: we write the names of each vaccine on little slips of paper that we dump into a hat. Then we call "fair game" on the first two we remove.

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