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jrod0725's copypasta gambit has given me an idea.

As mentioned above, I'd set aside a few spare neurons to work on the problem of weaponizing non-medical skeptics so that they might assist the medicos in their epic battle with the woos.

Predictably the enemy will throw a lot of sciency references and terms at the non-meds. He will bring on a medical version of the Gish Gallop --an overwhelming shotgun of stupid, perhaps in bullet-list form. He knows that the non-meds can't begin to research all the crap he spews. Note that he will not seem to care about being understood. Be ready for the unpleasant sense of confusion he provokes.

Strategy 1:

Pick a keyword from the mess he presents and Google it with "Orac." Odds are Orac was there already. Read what he says, link to it, call it a day.

Strategy 2:

Ask the enemy who he represents. If he claims he's just a concerned citizen, tell him he's clearly not an expert. He's simply repeating something he's been told. So what's his source? What web site does he visit to learn about medical issues?

The tender religious underbelly of the woo will be hiding at its source. Once you uncover it you'll find your feet on familiar territory. And victory will be yours.

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