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I had seen that RD was going to speak in one of my old stomping grounds, and I was very intrigued. The tone of the article is not surprising at all. I was just in Columbia, SC this summer, and I'm always struck by how Balkanized the place can feel. When you're on the USC Campus, it feels like a "proper university". However, drive just 5-10 miles down Knox Abbot Blvd, and you're DEEP in the Bible Belt. At this very moment, you'll see the signs in front of the various churches proclaiming the evils of Halloween. It is also a very beautiful place with lovely countryside. Of course, there's also the amazing and tragic history of the Civil War (the first shots were fired in this state). If you have the opportunity, visit South Carolina. Oh, and don't be surprised (or offended) if a store clerk 20 years your junior calls you "darlin'". It's just the local language ;-)

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