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I believe the effect that a new universe grows geometrically to those inside and shrinks into a black hole to those outside, has to do with essentially a black hole being infinitely deep.

So if you use the analogy as space as an elastic sheet, the new universe forms underneath the sheet and pulls down and out. From the top of the sheet we see a gravity well that gets deeper and deeper and forms black hole. Space continues to stretch into that hole deeper and deeper. From below the sheet material can balloon out further and further as it expands into a new universe.

It sort of makes sense to me, but if there are any physicists who wish to correct my assumptions or analogy I'd be happy to hear from them.

Does that mean every black hole is forming a new universe? If you could survive passing through the event horizon, you would then be vapourized by all the radiation that had fallen into the black hole and was stuck trying to leave at the speed of light. (That would probably be equivalent to the big bang/CBM of our universe) It would also prevent travel between universes.

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