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Yes, we have the First Amendment. I have noticed over the past few decades, though, that people are becoming more and more, shall I say, 'cautious' about what they say or write. There are some racial/ethnic words not in common public usage or polite conversation any longer, which is probably a more civilized thing. It seems to me, however, that once a core of uncertainty or fear about what can be said or written or not is in place, it becomes much easier to add to the list to the point where it becomes ludicrous and people become fearful to say or write anything. I note many conversations and news stories that are so devoid of content and so politically correct that absolutely nothing of substance is communicated. But, then, if we wait for laws, governments, religions, etc., to 'give' us freedom, we are not free anyway. I say, be free regardless of what 'rights' some individual or group, in their moments of charitable, sanctimonious beneficence, might bestow on us.

Sun, 25 Oct 2009 16:15:00 UTC | #408282