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God delusion is now three years old. Harris' first book (the one that got me interested in this conversation to begin with) was released before that. Hitchens' and Dennet's books were written shortly after. I could only skim read this drivel, as its rank stupidity was depressing, but you get the impression that the author thinks he's onto a serious intelectual 'gotcha' moment - not realising that over the last three years every silly canard he presents here has been rebutted, refutted and kicked out of the door.

It's like the guy has only just learned of these books, been given the barest blurb of what is contained in each, is unaware of the serious discussion that has been taking place since they were released and has been asked to write an article based upon his own nastly little bigotted prejudices.

This line from the article sums it all up:
"So, the bottom line for these athiests is this: we are free to believe in whatever as long as it's not God."

That the pillock gets this single point so completely wrong is a testament to how blind he is as an individual.

Sun, 25 Oct 2009 23:38:00 UTC | #408416