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Perhaps the creationists would better understand such a book, they seem to have trouble with the rest of Richard's work.

yes, he has quite clearly stated it is a book for children and includes pictures

seriously though, this could be a bigger pain the creationists arse than any other of Richard's books. Religion is taught to children through nice pictures. Children's tracts are presented in cartoons and comics. they don't convert adults but then if creationism relied on the beliefs of converted adults it wouldn't be a worry but it relies on arrested development of childhood beliefs

I used to be in a band with a creationist and he was a nice guy and very talented but it was sad how he was clearly mentally challanged and exploited by his parents/church. such people can only be reached through pretty pictures and as a young adult I think he was beyond enlightenment. It sounds rather cynical and jesuit like but we do need to get them while they're young.

just wait for the backlash... claims of childhood indoctrination by those who know best

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