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Thus, like a first-year undergraduate, he can happily go around asking loudly, "What caused God?" as though he had made some momentous philosophical discovery.

This tells me more about Ruse than Dawkins. I feel rather sorry for Ruse's students if this is his response to their level of knowledge, and even more so, their moments of discovery. Even if it's a reinvention of the wheel, so what? This is a teaching moment, a way of nurturing the development of knowledge and ideas. Instead, Ruse looks down his nose and sneers because Dawkins isn't at his level of philosophical knowledge. Don't bother to explain why this isn't a valid question, Michael. Just be condescending and insulting. Or maybe, perhaps, you really don't have a satisfactory response to that question...?

Tue, 03 Nov 2009 20:38:00 UTC | #411011