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Well, don't show this lecture in Hawaiian classrooms without expecting the children to be a little confused. At about 32 minutes into the lecture, Coyne mentions that there are no endemic mammals on oceanic islands - including the Hawaiian islands. This statement is not accurate. There are at least two mammals endemic to the islands - Hawaiian hoary bats and Hawaiian monk seals (children in Hawaiian schools are taught this bit of trivia in their science classes). The general observation about animals on oceanic islands is still correct - these particular mammals are the only kinds of mammals (swimmers, flyers) that could have made it to the Hawaiian islands on their own. Perhaps Coyne meant to say that you won't find endemic four-legged mammals like the mongoose on oceanic islands.

You can easily imagine though that a creationist might take Coyne's statement and say something like: "Eeevilutionists say that you can disprove Darwin’s theory if you find endemic mammals on oceanic islands - well here they are!" (Banana Man and his sidekick produce a picture of the Hawaiian hoary bat and the monk seal). "See, God did it!"

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