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'science and philosophy in its basics should be taught even from early school years'

The dominant reading material I remember from my early forced schooling is a lot of pointless fiction. IMO, dictionaries and encyclopedias make most sense as general starting material, and autodidacticism makes more sense than school since brains are isolated and 'evolve' their own unique neuron paths. School just adds some idiotic unfitting social paradigm on top of that, and is more tied to future employment and historical legacy of schools having existed in the past than actually learning.

The nonfiction taught was usually just a string of facts to temporarily memorize with mnemonics to pass some pointless test. The function of tests still perplexes me; I guess that helps authorities place people in their respective 'gold group' or 'brown group' as joked about in matt groening's 'life is hell' books (feynman: 'i don't like honors'). 'Proving' to authorities that you learned something is an annoyance that gets in the way of learning itself. And peer pressure makes it desirable for males to be in the brown group actually since that group is 'cool'. Seriously, in one class we watched movies.. retarded movies like 'home alone' if I remember, then had a 'test' on it.. and that was the class. I learned the same amount in that class as any of the others though.

In my crappy college, I always tried to learn on my own by simply going to the library to read books I chose; too bad there was so much busywork and such from the retarded forced subjects constantly getting in the way of my own learning.

A basic problem is.. one should choose their own teachers. I certainly wouldn't choose any of the public school or college teachers I had. I would choose pleny of book writers as teachers (indirectly, through reading their books.. on my own without annoying tests..) to stand on the shoulders of giants. Public school teachers is generally standing on the shoulders of idiots.

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