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I've enjoyed every one of these talks immensely. I don't consider myself an accomodationist by any means. I find, however, that many of those opposed to "accomodationism" in this context use the epithet as reflexively---and often inaccurately---as their foes use phrases like "militant atheist".

Sam Harris caused a stir when he appeared before an AAI conference and suggested that the word "atheism" itself has outlived its usefulness. He was virtually run out on a rail. This, of course, because he violated one of the more odious conventions of public speaking: pandering to your audience.

Which is the only principle I can see being defended here. If we mean for these talks to travel well outside of the conference's extended audience, then I'm on board with letting the content---devastating as it already is toward magical thinking---speak for itself.

Thu, 05 Nov 2009 13:52:00 UTC | #411358