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Poor Dawikins! I heartily agree that the teaching of hell fire, an eternally burning hell, would traumatize any worm, let alone humans! Years ago I had the opportunity of resolving a 15 year old quarrel between two elders. The one thought the other had made an offensive remark against him. For 15 years he bore a grudge against the other chap; always attacking him intellectually-until the victim reported the matter to me.

I asked him to go talk with his colleague about the issue. He did. And it was realized that for 15 years the other chap had nursed a belief which was false. He had wrongly heard a report and erroneously impugned the elder of malicious doing against him. They made up after 15 years! So with Mr. Dawkins. He has been nursing a belief which is totally unbiblical! If Mr. Dawkins would use that 'great' mind of his to take the Bible and simply research the teaching of hell and death he would find that there is no such teaching in God's lovely message to us humans. I would like to challenge him to do so. Never mind what others say and write about it. Study it yourself.

There are millions and millions of Christians who do not accept that teaching; who know that it is not biblical. Just for starters, the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life, Romans 6:23. The opposite of life is death. How could an eternally burning hell be true while the Word states that the gift of God is eternal life! You are either living or dead. The two are opposites. 'Living dead' is gramatically, and everything else, incorrect; and would lead to confusion of language if the two were to mean the same!

Revelation 21:1-5 gives a beautiful picture of how one is opposite the other. You are either dead eternally, meaning forever; or you are alive eternally, meaning living forever. Trash all other interpretations of 'spiritual death' meaning separation from God's presence, etc. These are not biblical concepts. Take care and God bless you my friend.

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