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Wonderful news! A quick question: when do British scholars start to narrow down their subject choices?

In my country we all did "everything" in primary school, but we could eliminate some subjects after only the first year of high school. The result for me was that I did 6 months of high school biology - which astoundingly didn't include evolutionary theory at all. I was almost totally ignorant of it until I studied at university. (From then on I didn't look back, and I've more than made up for lost time!)

I ask because I think that evolution is both (i) one of the most important ideas in science and (ii) actually quite simple to understand in its basic form. Thus it should definitely be included at a stage before students can miss exposure to it by (accidentally) not choosing to do biology.

I also think a basic foundation could prove to be a nice bulwark against any later anti-evolution nonsense that children might come across.

Mon, 09 Nov 2009 13:45:00 UTC | #412228