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← Scientists win place for evolution in primary schools

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I'm reminded of The Onion's scandalised "Are Facts Being Taught In Our Schools£" headline...

This is good news obviously. I also cannot recall being taught anything about evolution at school, and I would remember. But I do remember an R.E. teacher parading around in front us with a limp wrist in a homophobic parody of a gay man when he was supposed to be teaching us about safe sex. On the plus side he did show us how to put a condom onto a banana. Odd the things that stick in one's mind.

I'd be interested to see if there's any advice on how to deal with awkward questions regarding the incompatibility of evolution with Genesis. I do hope they don't allow the opt-out for the children of creationist parents that's curently permitted for R.E. classes.

Edit: For our next fight I propose the compulsory inclusion of 'critical thinking' in the curriculum.


Seriously! And his 2IC is affectionately known as Old Scrotum the wrinkled retainer. True story...

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