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For our next fight I propose the compulsory inclusion of 'critical thinking' in the curriculum.

To be honest, this is more important than the teaching of evolution, not that that is not important. But teaching children how to evaluate arguments put before them would have a much wider effect.

As to evolution, my seven year old hated science 'Its so boring,' until that is, she learn't all about a certain Mr Darwin last year. She was particular drawn to the fact that in him she had a fellow Salopian. (someone born in Shrewsbury).

Science is far more interesting now. Why they don't teach natural selection, I don't know, I was never taught the mechanics of it. I have 'The Blind Watchmaker' to thank for explaining that.

I don't think the reasons are religious though, certainly not in my school late 1970's early '80's. We don't have a religious right to appease here. No really we don't.

I can only think that some other ideology was at work, though I can't think what.

Put it this way I did not learn any grammar either, as you can see.

Or perhaps being in the 'B' stream didn't warrant giving you a proper education.


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