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RE: Comment #430552 by PERSON on November 9, 2009 at 1:35 pm

>> "But it's good that Labour did this before the Tories get in. It's an open question whether they would want to upset the fundie and fundie-influenced parts of their base"

The British Conservative Party are not American Republicans.

If anything, it is New Labour who have been allowing religious fundamentalism to encroach into UK education by backing 'faith' schools, religiously funded 'city academies', and courting support from highly religious immigrant communities. Tony Blair's 'Faith Foundation' shows the true sympathies of one of the chief architects of New Labour.

Also happening on New Labour's watch is the financial sponsoring of various UK university groups or faculties by such organisations as the 'Templeton Foundation', or by wealthy Islamic patrons, for the dubious purposes of 'religious research' or 'promotion of religious understanding'.

New Labour's track record is religion-friendly. I would place little trust in their steering the UK away from increasing religious influence.

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