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Regarding the mismatch between the numbers in the first poll and that of the final one. My party (all against the motion, of course!) were responsible for five of the missing votes in the first poll. The person counting as we went into the hall was deep in conversation with someone so we walked past. For the poll taken in the hall our votes were counted.

I hope the full version becomes available.

Whilst I think it was well edited given the time constraint for broadcast, it was a pity they removed everything about Limbo, which was probably one of the more telling parts of the discussion. I don't remember whether it was SF or CH, but one of them brought up the fact that millions of parents who had lost unbaptised children over centuries had the additional horror of believing that their children would never "know heaven" but, that the Vatican had recently decided that Limbo did not exist. How had they decided that? Had God changed his mind and scrapped the idea or had human beings simply made it up in the first place? Many Catholics, particularly in Africa where the majority of the BBC World viewers reside, may not know about this U-turn. I wondered if that is why this particular part of the debate was removed.

Ann Widdecombe defended the church by saying that children were not in Limbo for eternity, "only until the second coming", which was laughed at by the audience. However, I wasn't sure whether that was because it was such a pointless defense or whether, by using it, she showed that she had entirely missed the point!

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