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Bummer, I only use "" and it wasn't listed.

Really, I don't and probably won't use any social networking sites. I agree with Imroy that there are some things that could be fixed on this site that it currently provides (or used to). I liked it, for example, when all the posts gave the time in my local time. Now all the time-posts are in the time-zone of Vladivostok. Maybe that's just my browser, but it started when the site was down for awhile. Also, I liked it when you got an email notice when someone PM'd you.

I know people will use these services. Some people who were rabid posters in the past do not post much here anymore, they just talk to each other on Facebook. Perhaps, if the sites were linked, it would bring these posters back, probably not Al Rawandi though.

Wed, 11 Nov 2009 21:51:00 UTC | #412888