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Actually, I thought it rather strange that this site survey is placed under the "Latest News" category, where it will rapidly slither down and disappear from view as newer articles are posted.

If the purpose is to survey the current/registered members, it makes more sense to send an email to them and ask them to take part in the survey. The survey URL doesn't have to be published publicly.

By posting the survey under "Latest News", this survey "appears" to be also directed at casual visitors who have not registered with the site. Since this can cause public/non-registered users to participate in the survey, it can skew results. For example, whenever one of those Creationist web sites do a web poll, the results are completely skewed by us to our favour when we learn of it :-)

If public/non-registered users feedback is being solicited, then this topic should be listed under the "Featured" category, which should keep the survey prominently featured for a longer while for the public/non-registered visitors.

Thu, 12 Nov 2009 02:49:00 UTC | #412942