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I haven't watched this yet, although I predict multiple "arguments" based on ignorance, combined with wishful thinking and straight up delusion.

Shmuley - "Where are all the fossils? There should be millions and millions of them!"

(no there shouldn't, fossilization is a rare event)

Dinesh - "I'm going to use reason and science to prove there is a god"

(but he doesn't, he uses illogical reasoning, special pleading, and religious references)

As much as I enjoy these debates, I think there should be rules against lying, and spreading false information. Many people are genuinely convinced by those who declare there "should be millions of 'transitional' fossils". How come no one has sat down with these religious debaters and explained to them how evolution works, why we are lucky to have the fossils we do, and how transitional forms are everywhere, all around us, even modern animals. Either they know they are lying, or they are ignorant, or they are too stupid to grasp many aspects of science.

I imagine they'll all use the same tired arguments, that do NOT convince anyone who knows anything about science, and has anything remotely resembling intelligence and critical thinking skills. I think it would say a lot if "the Hitch" and friends decided to boycott debating apologists until they adhere to the arguments against gods, and/or stop re-using long since debunked arguments.

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