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I agree with Metch (Comment #432063) and s1mon (Comment #432067).

I haven’t watched this yet, but like most other debates of this sort I suspect the moderator (if there is one) is completely useless and accommodates all the nonsense being said by D’Souza and his cronies.
Why can’t moderators take a more active role and be like assessors or judges? This is supposed to be a debate that allows everyone to use critical thinking skills (not lying skills), so let the moderators judge. Moderators should identify any fallacies (perhaps hold up a placard in real time to indicate the various fallacies used by D’Souza and co, such as "false analogy", "begging the question", or simply "BS"). I’d like to see something like: “three strikes and you’re out” (or two yellow cards and you’re off).

Also, as much as I like to watch Hitchens perform, I think he should declare any conflicts of interests when doing these (repeat) debates with the likes of D’Souza. What does he get out of this (appearance fees, etc?). Previously, I have mentioned that Hitchens has said that he likes to have drinks or dinner with “his friend” Dinesh and his wife after these debates. What’s being discussed there?

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