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For no reason I'm prepared to defend much, I consider Johhn Denham to be one of the good guys in a cabal of useless losers (though I used to consider Alan Johnson a good guy too). I've read his speech and to be honest I can't tell whether he's pro or anti religion. You wouldn't have to change many words at all to make it a speech that clearly told religion that it is something that will be tolerated but it should remember its place. He says he's secularist, so I'm happy with that. If only he didn't keep saying that "faith" is something that needs to be respected. I hope he means that he has to respect the fact that there are lots of people of faith. Which as a politician, he does.

Cameron on the other hand, plainly states that he is a Christian who should go to church more often. What's better, a secularist who listens to faith groups or a Christian who claims he doesn't do god?

Mon, 16 Nov 2009 09:21:00 UTC | #413757