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Interesting. Just last night I read a chapter from an e-book by Mark Driscoll. MD is the pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle and one of the up and coming "cool calvinist" "emerging church" leaders.

He has been accused of homophobia and misogyny. I would add child abuse to his list:-

In the ebook:

He says:

"I am the very happy father of two beautiful daughters and three sons. In our home there will be courtship. Any male wanting to spend time
pursuing my daughters will do so only with my approval, under my oversight, by my rules, and most often in my home."

"So at our home my daughters will be courted. My sons will court by respectfully pursuing their future wives in the context of honoring their families, particularly the women’s fathers."

Driscoll is not the worst of the evangie "controlling" types. He tries to protray himself as a modernising, hip, cool sort of guy

But scarily influential.

Oh yeah,BTW, Wee Flea did an interview with him a couple of years ago.....

(Its all in there.....)


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