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55. Comment #433412 by flying goose on November 20, 2009 at 10:55 am

Wholly accepted.

Here's a section from an interesting book I'm reading at present;

From the point of view being developed in this book, the general foundation of the highest values recognised at the present time by the majority of the human race does exist; it is inborn, encoded in the structure of the genes of each human being. This foundation is the ability to control the process of associating. It may be tentatively called 'the knowledge instinct' but this is just a figurative expression. The profound difference between this ability and instinct is that instinct dictates forms of behaviour while control of associating mainly permits them. Control of associating is an extremely undifferentiated, multi-valued capability which admits diverse applications.

Turchin then goes on to expand his idea that control of association abilities (encoded) both need and are expanded by social supplementation. This supplementation is the social integration, or lack of it, and forms the basis for human groupings. It is he says through this process of societal supplementation that individual "spiritual values originate." That's exactly where this campaign is targetted; early stage child development.

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