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To add my agreement to his thoughts from the very next section that talks about 'the meaning of life';

To think about the meaning of life is to think about higher goals and this is the highest form of creativity accesible to the human being. Each person must somehow decide this question for themselves since nature has given them just such an opportunity. Assurances that this problem has been solved or assurances that it is insoluble are lies which some use deliberately; others fall back from them from mental laziness and lack of fortitude. The question is, of course, insoluble at the level of pure knowledge; it must include an element of free choice. In one way or another someone creates their highest goals because outside of society 'in nature' there are none. Every person is born with this capability to some extent; to voluntarily reject the use of it is the same thing as for a healthy animal to voluntarily reject physical movement and use of its muscles.

I agree with most of that; humans alone have evolved the ability for higher cognitive skills but have discovered so far no absolute morality that demands acceptance. We must make that moral journey ourselves. Children's perceptions of this journey can be hugely inhibited or corrupted by early-stage indoctrination into a religion rather than being taught about religions IMO.

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