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I wholly support this rally. The rule of law needs to be seen to apply to all citizens with no exceptions for race, sex or creed. Religiously inspired legal systems cannot afford protection equally for all citizens and actively discriminate against women, homosexuals and others. Demonstrations of support for these principles in this country are necessary to remind our Government of their duty as our representatives.

Why this rally makes the tactical decision to tie the situation in this country with those in other countries is a mistake in my opinion. Concentrating more closely upon the influence that various religious factions have on government policy formation here would I think serve this secular cause better rather than diluting it by highlighting the sterling work done under oppressive circumstances by like-minded secular liberals in other countries. This information is welcome to raise consciousness of the progress that still needs to be made towards the installation of genuinely universal human rights but nevertheless distracts unnecessarily from the work to be done here first.

I listened to a lecture that Grayling gave in Manchester on Wednesday (he will talk at this rally tomorrow as well) and like him I’m dismayed that the vast majority of reasonable, secular and tolerant people in this country (vastly outnumbering the regular church/mosque/Temple/synagogue-attending people) do not find it possible to exert the influence on Government policy that their overwhelming numbers would justify. Why is that?

The reasons why this may be so seem to be that this ‘silent majority’ do not see themselves primarily through the lens of their religious standpoint (as opposed to the religiously inclined for whom it is defining) and so are indifferent or divided as to any particular initiative that is undertaken. The net result is a continuing death by a thousand cuts as secularism in this country is eroded and, to mix a metaphor, we secular liberals are the frogs in the pan as the water is gradually being heated.

I hope that this rally is well supported tomorrow but will continue to try to find ways that more effectively consolidate the voice of the majority of voters in this country.

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