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Comment #44310 by Gene Chase

You have not made the case that there are any grounds to care, to be moral, to be rational, or to press "forward" (whatever that is) in the absence of the God Who speaks to your conscience and Who displays God's glorious handiwork in all of the universe's magnificent 11-dimensional beauty. Or to put it more briefly, for you, why does matter matter if that's all there is? Why does anything matter?

This has been answered so many times. For a start off go back to the 19th century existentialists. Read some Spinoza. Read some William Blake even.

There is a biological basis to moral behaviour which we have extended with the development of civilisation. We are moral because we have one life and want to make the best of it. We are moral because we are "political animals" to quote Aristotle.

Theists seem to believe that man is corrupt and irredemable without an external influence, that without the promise of a "heaven" or the threat of an "hell" we would all go about raping, pillaging and burning. Personally, if I thought this was the case then I would probably top myself out of depression.

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