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It's amazing that many doctors, especially one of America's most beloved heart surgeons, Dr. Mehmet Oz, has witnessed many unexplained miraculous miracles.
Dr. Oz, in his book, Healing From The Heart, tells of many of these 'unexplained miracles', and believes that things happen to people, oftentimes due to their spiritual states.
I wonder if such a thing was the result in Mr. Dennett's illness.

From my studies, I would say that God is trying to get Mr. Dennett's attention. A Course In Miracles (the voice from Jesus - which came upon the non religious Columbia University psychologist - and asked her to take notes) - said "Everyone will answer in the end, but for some the end can be a long long way off".

I recommend A Course In Miracles to everyone to read, for a Celestial Speed Up from the hereditary drag of religious dogma our generation is in the midst of.

P.S. Jesus wasn't a member of an organized religion. His message (which he said to hang all of the laws of the prophets), was love to the Lord and love to the neighbor.

Sounds like Mr. Dennett received alot of love from those in the medical field. It would be nice if he would simply thank God....which is goodness itself.

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