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← Let's get it straight: Irish child abuse was perpetrated by the trendy, modern post-Vatican II Catholic Church

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I was so enraged by some of the comments that I wanted to post one of my own, but it appears I'm not registered with the Telegraph, and I can't be arsed with signing up.

The comment that got up my nose started with;
"Pedophilia is NOT just a problem of the Catholic Clergy in ANY country, it is a problem that runs the broad scope of Human experience!"

The author was somehow trying to excuse the Catholic church and absolve it of all guilt, what they conveniently overlooked was the systematic cover up of the widespread abuse, the church stifled investigation and protected pedophile priests by moving them to a fresh parish where they were given access to fresh victims. Some priests were moved several times, how can that be right? The church was more concerned about the reputation of the church than it was of the victims well-being.

The article displays blind faith in a corrupt institution, the blind faith that the Catholic church can only be a force for good, well sir I beg to differ, I compare the Catholic church to the Mafia, with a long history of torture, death, scams and extortion.

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