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← Let's get it straight: Irish child abuse was perpetrated by the trendy, modern post-Vatican II Catholic Church

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Ah, yes. The old vile 'homosexuals become pederasts if we don't make them marry women' canard. How many years, decades longer will people be declaring such bullshit? Homosexuals are no more conspicuous in paedophilia statistics than heteros are, and the number of clerics convicted for sexual child abuse is proportionally at least double to that of the general population.
A thinking person would assume that homosexual clergy would get it on with each other. Catholics who stay members of this criminal organization beyond this decade do not think. Child abuse cases have evidentially happened for more than half a century, and it's simply silly to claim that they didn't happen before that period. All these decades as much as possible of it was covered up and investigations obstructed, systematically, by orders from the very top, written down in black and white.
There is simply no possible way that someone who is not part of the abusers or rendered completely ignorant, immoral and incompassionate by decades of indoctrination (i.e. the author of this vile rag of an article) can stay in this company.
The Church is a 'force for good' for exactly as long as saying the words lasts. It's never been and doesn't have the potential to improve, because the perpetuation of moral corruption and criminal behavior stems from a doctrine that elevates authoritarian principles and an aura of infallibility above recognition of and responsiveness to human nature.

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