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We all know that what a priestly abuser of boys (and this is mainly a homosexual scandal – the Report records a ratio of 2.3 boy victims to 1 girl) needs is a wife – ask any of the Anglican vicars who have provided a living to the red-top tabloids for generations.

So his solution to the child abuse problem is to give the abusive priests wives? Why, so they can abuse their wives instead? I also love how he talks about how all an abuser "needs is a wife" like a wife is some sort of accessory. Wives are human beings--they deserve to marry someone who loves them not some vile child molester that the Church is trying to get off its hands.

And don't even get me started on the whole "it's really a homosexual problem" bullshit. What a disgusting human being.

@Sandra S
Those stories are horrible. I am currently reading a book on the Spanish Inquisition. In it there is a story about a twelve-year-old boy who is raped by a relative and subsequently tortured into a "confession" by the Inquisition. It is like nothing has changed for these people.

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