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Maybe Shermer has a valid point to make, and he only needs to use a special font to make it clear when he is writing statements he believes are false, with a disclaimer to note when he is talking down to Christians in condescending irony mode.

I can truthfully tell an opponent of evolution, "Pope John Paul II accepted evolution." I am citing a fact about what someone else believed. And citing that fact may help defend science education in public schools. Also note, I am not promoting atheism in public schools.

But in his CNN article, Shermer wrote, "The grandeur of God's works commands awe regardless of what processes He used." There Shermer made a statement he believes is false. In my opinion, I define "accommodationism" as "lying for science", and Shermer's CNN article is a good example. Just don't lie, is that so difficult?

Sun, 29 Nov 2009 20:33:00 UTC | #418057