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← A plague of atheists has descended, and Catholics are the target

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In an average week of atheistic bigotry in the Melbourne media, we can expect to learn that Catholics endorse child molestation, hate all other religions, would re-introduce the crusades and the auto de fe at the slightest opportunity, despise women, wish to persecute homosexuals, greedily divert public moneys for their own religious purposes, subvert public health care, brainwash children, and are masterminding the spread of the cane toad across northern Australia.

Uh ... yes. That's actually pretty well to the point. I don't see how you make this less depressing by couching it in sarcasm.

I am tempted to quote Stephen Fry's recent outburst that impressed me so much: "Yes! Yes! Are you getting the message? There is a reason we hammer home these issues; because they matter. They matter to people's hearts and souls."

Mon, 30 Nov 2009 02:57:00 UTC | #418203