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I can't wait for the IQ2 site to finish tarting-up the video for this one as I want to watch it again and savour it. Watching online was great and the effect in real time of moments like 'Hellooo ...' and 'The title of Chapter 4 of The God delusion ...' and A.C.'s admonition of the moderator towards the end was electric but I'd like to take my time to look at it all again.

Just on the moderator; I thought he was awful and I'm very sorry to read on the IQ2 site that they will be doing more things with Wellington. I really hope this ignoramus is not involved in them. Here's what I wrote elsewhere about him last night just after the debate ended;

His job was to be an impartial moderator; he failed badly in his one role. Not only did he do an awful job that affected the audiences' enjoyment of the debate (ignorance about twitter, fumbling the microphone questions, not being impartial in directing questions towards the end, fumbling the result number for goodness' sake!) but he plainly favoured one side. Why allow his mate Moore to seriously go over his time? Why make some of the disparaging comments he made? How wrong to make such an atrocious faux pas at the end before the microphones are turned off?

Mon, 30 Nov 2009 16:35:00 UTC | #418522