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My mum-in-law has a lot of thoughts in her head too. She should be on this list because according to her she does some heavy thinking because having thoughts in her head is so frequent, like every second.

That is what seems to be the basis for this selection. It was just an accident a few truly critical thinkers made the list. They got on the list for the same reason the numbskulls got on. Their voices have been in the media (thank goodness that some gifted critical thinkers are being covered by the media).

The mere holding of ideas is not equivalent to critical thinking--the only game in town--no matter how powerful and loud the voices are which proclaim such ideas.

Criticism of capitalism was going on hot and heavy at the time the papal bullshitter opened his canker sore of a mouth. He just jumped on the bandwagon, dragging along his already existing load of rotting manure regarding how this earthly world is not important. He and his media thugs saw an opportunity and took it. Interfaith dialogue requires thinking? That news to me. And yes, we needed the opining of a non-scientific to highlight the perils of climate change. I guess anyone can moonlight at a second job, no matter how unqualified they might be. It must have been his whimsical sartorial sense that got him the position.

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