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Is it just me, or does atheism look more like a religion every day?

According to "Prophet Dawkins (May the Unicorn of Pink Invisibility give Peace to Him and His)" and the "Holy Son who is also His own Father and some other Spirit just because you can't have a Trinity without 3 Hitchens (yes, a very long title, but he does love to talk)" no, atheism is not a religion.

(Kidding! The Holy See and Messiah Dennet says Dawkins and Hitchens are false gods)

I do understand where you're coming from, but if you replace the theist objection "Atheism is a religion, too, because..." with "Punctuated Equilibrium is a religion, too, because" or "Socialism is a religion, too, because" or, or, or... you will see that the argument simple doesn't hold up. Why not dispense with the word "religion" all together and just say "any group" at that point?

They want "religion" and "religious" to mean "exemplary moral character" when it is aimed at them, but have it mean "blind, ignorant faith" when pointed at us. Sorry, but I'm not letting it pass.

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