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It seems the voting block of religious groups is the biggest problem. On the secular/rational/sane end, we encourage people to educated themselves about the issues, look critically at the candidates, and vote with reason. On the religious/fundamentalist/wacko side they simply say, "Vote for x."

Obviously, I still stand with voting intelligently on individual reasoning. But how can we possibly win? Any politician in any democracy will lose elections if this trend continues and they stand for reason, peace, cooperation, and secularism. The most solid "one voice" voting blocks are those of the religious, and the more extreme, the more adherent the voting block, the more favors they can gain from elected leaders, so the more extreme they get, the more power they wield...

I know Richard doesn't have all the answers, but come on guys... The Four Horsemen should have enough really smart friends to come up with a starting plan. Please?

The only small idea I have is continue to get people excited about science. It encourages critical thought, international cooperation, and spawns friendly competitive battles that, unlike wars, can be ended with a cold beer and some laughs.

Light bulbs work for the same reason in Israel as they do in Palestine. Yay, agreement!

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