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167. Comment #439388 by flying goose on December 7, 2009 at 10:24 am

I agree with FG's distinction here between the inherent ideology and the human reactions of mob-rule/in-group,out-group persecution etc. It seems self-evident to us that atheism can have no inherent path that leads to persecution of believers but we should recognise that early Christians probably felt the same way about the teachings of peace and love that the nailed-up rabbi was supposed to have given. So we would be foolish to ignore the dangers that this example presents us with.

We can see it now, to be honest; the range of atheist ideology runs the gamut from Archbishop of Canterbury/Karen Armstrong-type nebulous non-deism right through moderate accommodationsists, non-moderate accommodationists and through to anti-theists of all stripes who wish not just to remove religious organisations from unjustified influence in the public sphere but go so far as to demand that children should not be abused by having religion taught to them. We all know this range exists.

Atheism is not a religion but some of its followers can act as if it were.

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