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@Steve Zara
from wiki:

Oceans are natural CO2 sinks, and represent the largest active carbon sink on Earth, absorbing more than a quarter of the carbon dioxide that humans put into the air.

Which means if we stopped producing CO2 the oceans would suck up all human-created CO2 in about 4-800 years.

As for the relocation etc. issue: so what? We will eventually hit some form of population limit, either a Malthusian food shortage one or an energy-based one. At some point rich, powerful countries will place their own comfort over the lives of people in less developed countries. We already do, but this will be on a much larger scale.

Also, if we stop all international air travel, all international trade and force countries to be self-sufficient do you think the population growth in the third world is remotely sustainable? Would there not be more wars and suffering without international trade?

I am not saying we should do nothing, simply that this piece was propaganda and made assertions with no evidence to back it up and claimed figures without even presenting them, never mind giving evidence for them.

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