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A splendid effort by the Guardian and others to combat anti-science campaigners, even if one could quibble with bits of it.

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Do you have a figure for this that wasn't pulled out of George Monbiot's arse?

From the IPCC:

This Assessment makes it clear that the impacts of future climate change will be mixed across regions. For increases in global mean temperature of less than 1-3°C above 1990 levels, some impacts are projected to produce benefits in some places and some sectors, and produce costs in other places and other sectors. It is, however, projected that some low-latitude and polar regions will experience net costs even for small increases in temperature. It is very likely that all regions will experience either declines in net benefits or increases in net costs for increases in temperature greater than about 2-3°C [9.ES, 9.5, 10.6, T10.9, 15.3, 15.ES]. These observations confirm evidence reported in the Third Assessment that, while developing countries are expected to experience larger percentage losses, global mean losses could be 1-5% GDP for 4°C of warming [F20.3].

(1% was 650 billion US dollars in 2006)

It's possible that the source (F20.3) is George Monbiot's arse, though :-).

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