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I agree with Hitch. It so extraordinarily gets on my nerves to have such a joyous time of year - with family, friends, and fresh new undershorts - ruined at every opportunity by Bible thumping brimstone preachers screaming that we're supposed to be bowing to his bloodthirsty tribal deity rather than drinking eggnog. The very idea of these rabid baboons of theocracy is to usurp the strong desire of humans to do good and use it to pressure them into signing up for a divisive, hateful ignorant community.

Hey, Christmas went from ancient acknowledgments of the solstice, to celebrations of Mithra-like embodiments of the solstice, to Christianity's "Birth of the Zombie Savior" holiday...

Screw it. Let's join in and hijack it in the name of science and reason! Do (nonflammable) experiments on the X-mas tree, explain the science of cooking a turkey or ham, measure snow fall and predict the rest of the season... We can rename it SciSolstice Day, the day when Sagan Clause brings all the good boys and girls telescopes, microscopes, and books on the Scopes Monkey Trial.

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