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6. Comment #441501 by j.mills on December 12, 2009 at 11:02 pm

(That bloomin' image tag never works first time!)
The way I get around this is as follows:

1) Type in (or paste in) the text of your post (and HTML tags, if any) into the Comment Box.
2) Click your cursor inside the box, as if you were going to start an edit. It doesn't matter where.
3) Do a CTRL-A to select the entire contents inside the Comment Box. Everything should be highlighted.
4) Now do a CTRL-C to copy the contents of your post to the clipboard.
5) Go ahead and click the Submit button to enter your post, as usual.
6) Hit the Reload Comments button and find your post. Now click Edit as if you were going to edit your post.
7) Click your cursor once again inside the Comment Box, and select the entire contents once again with CTRL-A.
8) Now do an immediate CTRL-V to paste in the original contents of your post back into the Comment Box.
9) Click Submit once again, and everything should be hunky-dory.

Yes, it's weird, but it works very well. It is essentially a double post, without changing anything. With a little practice, it will become almost second nature, and it is quite fast. Finding your original post may be the most difficult part. Assuming you had the HTML tags correct in the first place, you won't have to edit anything manually.

Sometimes the "double-quote" characters that delimit the URL text can screw things up, as well. Apparently a double quote is NOT just a double quote -- there are multiple versions. I often copy in text from MS Word and have to manually change the double-quote chars to make the link work. I see lots of people having this problem. When an image doesn't appear, even if you think you have the HTML syntax correct, it may help to check the double-quote chars.

And since I've already gone rogue and irreversibly and catastrophically derailed this thread with this unsightly OT comment, I will only be crying a few more tears into the river of destruction by including one more little piece of HTML wisdom, in the form of a picture:

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