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Great discussion over the Civil War! I have to agree with TheVirginian, but also give my kudos to Kmita for instigating the lesson.

I have bounced up and down the US east coast (as well as around the world, but mostly east coast) and have noticed a gigantic cultural divide. Being a New Englander, I honestly felt more at home in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Vancouver than I do a mere 500 miles south of my home state.

It's not just a subjective feeling, either. Societal health measurements are in stark contrast between New England/New York and Georgia/Alabama. North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida seem to be holding out, and in some cases winning, but then you can see the ignorance spilling up the crest of the Appalachians, right through New England and into Maine.

Luckily, the shots fired have been few, and only fired by the truly insane, not yet the sane but religiously blinded (as is the case of many Muslim terrorists). But we are sliding into a civil war again none the less. Our last presidential election has brought the seething, ignorant, vicious, hate mongers out of their cess pools and into the media. Racism is again tolerated as a political opinion. Sarah Palin supporters now feel redeemed in their ignorance of science and wear it as a Real American(TM) badge of honor. The very fact that the news media made such a big deal of Obama's religion, questioning if he might be a Muslim, only reaffirmed the imaginary "Christian Nation" founding.

I hope that the raving hatred of the ignorant masses has its only possible positive outcome. I hope most people look at the batshit crazy and want no part of it.

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