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Oh dear! I missed these posts. (happily!)
Comment #45133 by devolved on May 26, 2007 at 1:34 pm

As ever epeeist wants to attack me but I'm not the issue. Here's an article by a creation scientist. Critique it eppeist for all our sakes:

Comment #45173 by devolved on May 26, 2007 at 5:07 pm
NOTHING to do with evolution?
"Not to be confused with "spontaneous generation," it is the theory that life originally arose from non-living matter, given the proper conditions during the early earth."

Hello Devolved
Seems you have been doing a little selective quote mining from Talk Origins eh?
On your reference to Talk Origins...I'd like to add this quote from that same site:
A recurring theme in antievolution literature is that if science cannot account for the origin of life, evolution is false, and that "spontaneous generation" was disproven, so therefore evolution is false. This syllogism fails, because evolution (that is, common descent and transmutation of species) occurs whether or not life arose by chance, law or design, but there is another more insidious mistake here. Itis not true that "spontaneous generation" has been ruled out in all cases by science; the claims disproven were more restricted than that.

It's 11am Sunday morning where I am and so as I'm not tempted to read any more of Devolved's posts, I'm donning my tin foil cap and fleeing back into bed under the covers! (:))
By the way, the "True Origin" site pages very closely resemble the design of the Talk Origins (the original site) pages.
Enough so, that the uninitiated may mistake it for the Talk Origins site!
Even the name is very similar and could be easily confused with Talk Origins. I wonder why the "True Origins" crowd would do that? Any thoughts on this Devolved?
I'll check back later (:))

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