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← Religion seen an 'oddity' by ministers, Archbishop says

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Well, my dear Bishop, that's because religion is a problem, isn't it. Surely not to you. My strong desire to have people give me money and wait on me day and night is not a problem to me, especially if I can convince our president to order it so. But you see, there is the problem. You have ordered it so in your nation. It is a problem to everyone around you. Look at the devastation you leave in your wake. Europe has not thrived because of Christianity. History shows clearly that it has thrived despite your best efforts, and every shining moment of western culture was when Europe rose up and bitch slapped your cross dressing boys club homophobes.

Grow up and get over it. You're a bunch of grown men and women dressing in funny cloths and taking some very old fairy tales far too seriously, seemingly based only on the fact that they are very old. That is an oddity, even if it is a trait shared by a majority.

Seriously, if prayer could heal, wouldn't religion have been cured by now? If devotion to a god offered divine insight, wouldn't priests know it's all just a load of BS? If religion offers comfort and nourishment, why do churches need money? This is, in my humble opinion, proof that religion is not all it's cracked up to be. It is, indeed, a problem.

Fri, 18 Dec 2009 02:29:00 UTC | #424194